Hi everyone! I’m Andrea, I grew up in Abilene, a small town in west Texas, and then went to college in an even smaller town in Texas (Brownwood, anyone?). My husband and I met in college, got married, and then headed out to Los Angeles for seminary since we both felt called to ministry. I worked at a church on the Texas-Mexico border for three years before moving up here to the Kansas City area. My family and I have been here for almost four years now, and let me tell you what: I LOVE it. I’m a huge Royals fan (much to the chagrin of my Rangers-loving husband), and I love cold weather and snow (both of which are relatively new for me!). I’ve been in youth ministry for almost seven years now and I think teenagers are pretty incredible. I am passionate about giving students a place to be authentic, to learn about Jesus, to ask their hard questions, and to have a pretty good time while doing it. I thrive on deep truths, gray areas, missional living, and Starbucks, and I’m an avid movie-watcher, musical-lover, and young adult fiction-reader. I’ve got a three year old daughter who is funny and spunky and likes to belt out Disney songs. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love your students, to help them grow in their relationships with Christ!