Church Family, here are five updates.

1. No Activities at the Church — As a church we are committed to limiting the spread of this virus. So we will be following the suggested guidelines. For now we are canceling all in person events until Easter. We are hopeful the situation will improve by then, but, if it does not, this cancellation may be extended. 

2. Virtual Church — While we won’t have activities in person, we will continue to find ways to worship and have community. This past Sunday we filmed a worship video (click here if you missed it). This Sunday we are looking into ways to create more interaction and accessibility. More details will be coming soon. 

3. Community — Please find ways to reach out to your friends and family. Send texts, make phone calls, send cards, video chat… As a church we plan to help facilitate community by creating virtual craft times for kids, virtual Sunday School classes, etc.  This will begin next week.

4. Devotions and Videos — 

  • I plan to post a daily devotional from Mark on my blog ( It will start in Mark 10:46 with the healing of Bartimaeus and cover the rest of the gospel (the healing happens as Jesus enters into Jerusalem for the final week).  
  • Starting next week, Monday to Friday, the staff will daily post online a short video. It may be an encouragement or prayer or devotion or worship. 

5. Food Needs — In these chaotic times, it is a blessing to see food pile up in our foyer. Some brought food on Sunday and others the last few days. You are a church that shares! Thank you! Brian and Margaret Ann have seven families they are working with and plan to start door drops next week. I hope this continues once a week through the quarantine, so please keep bringing food. And if you are aware of someone in need, please contact me directly! 

Remember, as we are all stuck inside… We are in this together. Not just us, God is also present. God does not cause the darkness, but into the darkness the Light of Life shines! So even now, good things will grow.