Sean and Justin rebuilding Haiti

Rebuilding Haiti

In 2010 Haiti was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated the country, and by USAID figures, displaced roughly 1.5 Million people. We are raising funds in order to send volunteers from our Church and Community to Haiti in an effort to help bring displaced families out of makeshift tents and into safe and secure housing. To find out more about the trip, Sean has put together an excellent page (, detailing almost everything from background about the disaster, to the design plans of the houses we will help build.


You can use the form below to contribute to the trip. If you select a team member’s name, your contribution will count toward that member’s individual support. There is no pressure to donate, and every donation is tax deductible. Every donation received is greatly appreciated and more than just money going to a cause. You are helping send people you know, in your community, out to directly and dramatically impact the lives of real people needing help. Thank you.