Vision Statement

We seek to BE Jesus in this world by
(1) making a place for everyone to BElong,
(2) going BEyond the church walls,
(3) striving to BEcome God’s Kingdom on earth.


  1. BElong: Come to church with WELCOME on your heart. Seek out someone who needs comfort and make sure they know they BELONG at Chandler!
  2. BEyond: Go out from Chandler on a MISSION to make disciples. Everywhere you go, consider, Who is my mission BEYOND the church walls!
  3. BEcome: Everyday, in everything, in every way, SUBMIT your personal will to follow God’s will in your life. Let God be ruler, so we BECOME heaven on earth (God’s Kingdom).


Compass — Just like a compass needle always points north, Chandler’s compass always points toward Christ. Jesus is our reference point and the example that guides us through everything!

Inverted Map — The water on the map is land and the land is water! Why? Because, Jesus has turned the world upside down and flooded us with “Living Water”. Water that saves!


Be Jesus — “We seek to be Jesus in this world by” — Gal 2:20, John 1:43

As Christians we are followers of Christ. His example in scripture is our life’s goal, and we read the Bible through this revelation. Submitting to the Spirit we become the hands and feet of God. Like a compass always focused on North, we seek to Be Jesus through these three principles:

1. Belong — “making a place for everyone to belong” — Acts 10, 15

In a divided society we emphasize God’s reach: Jesus came to save the whole world. Our heart is filled with welcome for everyone we encounter. We do not ask them to “fit in”, as though they must learn our language or dress. We invite them, just as they are, into authentic community.

2. Beyond — “going beyond the church walls” — Matt 28:19-20, Ezekiel 47

This is the commission of the church and the story of the New Testament. We do not hunker down in safe confines, but we go out empowered by the Spirit to speak, serve, and live the Good News. We preemptively love so that the world may experience God’s love.

3. Become — “to become God’s Kingdom on earth” — Lk 17:21, Mt 6:32-3, 22:37-9, Ga 3:28, Ge 1-3

We live under the reign of God. Rather than pursue society’s success, we seek the renewal of God’s creation. We build relationships with our neighbor through service and equality. We strive to restore humanity’s relationship with God, in whose image all were made.