Luke 5:27-35 February 10

In seminary Dr Garland was in the midst of writing a commentary on Luke and during class read the end of this passage to us. He then asked a softball question, which in church language deserved a Sunday School answer. “Is Jesus with us today?” Of course! “Then why do some people suggest Christians should fast?” This lead to a long conversation about bodily Jesus versus Spirit filled… but Dr. Garland pushed back, if this parable was only for those following the physical Jesus, why did the gospels — whose message was for the church — include the story?

In the end Dr. Garland conceded, there may be times to fast. But he stressed too often we make faith a hard struggle, when it should be a Kingdom celebration.

I am always amazed by the disciples leaving everything to follow Jesus. Dropping their nets, leaving the tax booth. The miracles were certainly a reason. So was the teaching. But I think part of it was the joy they saw in the fellowship of Jesus.

seated resturant pager Fellowship Challenge

Think of a friend or family member you have not spoken to in ages (at least a few months). It could be someone you had a falling out with or maybe you just drifted apart. Pick up the phone and given them a call. (If you realize their number has changed, don’t let that stop you. Facebook, email – ask for their number.)

Don’t worry about having a deep conversation. Find out what they have been up to and just talk about life.