Luke 10:38-42 February 24

Last chapter — last week’s devotion — Jesus asked the disciples to feed the crowd. In today’s passage – if you can’t stand with Jesus, get out of the kitchen! But there really isn’t any tension. We can’t eat without preparing. Even paper plates require some clean-up. Sometimes we need to be in kitchen.

But busyness of life can eat up all our time. We see this most clearly as our children grow up while we chase jobs, fold laundry, and watch the food channel. Less clear — at least less physically clear — are the moments we miss with Christ.

Some spend there entire days toiling away. Even church people — as Martha surely was — can chase many things but never grasp the one thing required. This is what Jesus is saying to Martha and to us: sometimes we even need to stop serving, so we can sit with Jesus.

All the other guests were thinking, “Hang on Jesus, let her finish the cookies first!”

The rest of the world — the rest of church — is happy to let you toil in the kitchen, or wherever you toil. You are doing things they won’t have to do later. Your work, even your acts of service, are wonderful. But there are times — even if the table won’t be set or the project will be late — to stop and sit with Jesus.

** If you are someone happy to let others toil, hoping Martha stays in the kitchen to finish the cookies — this truth may not be for you. Maybe last weeks devotion is for you. So get up and finish the dishes and allow your “Martha” to enjoy a walk with Jesus.

seated resturant pager Fellowship Challenge

Make a list of everything you do over the next few or — if you can remember — the past few days. Beyond chores and work, we waste a lot of time. So be sure to include your Facebook and Clash of Clans time. Not to mention your TV and your time worrying over political candidates.

What on the list could you cease? If not always, what could you stop now and then? Today skip it and take a walk with Jesus. (If literally, grab a jacket — its cold!)